Hermit Lite

Hermit Lite is a free version of Hermit game. It is a remake of old board game Peg Solitaire. Hermit Lite introduces 6 game levels.
Game objective is to remove all black pawns from board except the last one by capturing - like in checkers. Couple levels has marked fields on which pawns must be left to finish level. Pawns can move in vertical and horizontal directions, on some levels also diagonal moves are possible.

Właściwości gry

  • two gameplay types:
    • leave one pawn on board
    • leave pawns on marked fields
  • diagonal moves on more difficult levels
  • changing color skin
  • controlling volume level of sound and music
  • using external music player instead of internal music
  • three tutorial game plays
  • game saving after interrupting application
  • saving of best time and moves count of each level
  • draw game level by shaking the phone
  • use headphones to enhance game experience
  • supported resolutions: 240x320, 360x640, 480x800

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Pozostałe informacje

Game screen is designed to be as simple as possible. It shows only game board with fields indication.
Player at any time during game can check game status (playing time and moves counter) and open in-game menu by touching the screen outside the board. From in-game menu player can enter to the game settings, undo last move or leave current game.
In game settings player can change sound and music volume level (this can be done also by hardware buttons), change background animated skin colors, enable or disable game fields indications and reset stored game level results.
Version 1.1.0 fixes problem with sound on Symbian Anna phones and improves graphic performance.