Samin is a small miner car. He works hardly in a salt mine digging tunnels and collecting salt crystals. Samin can find barrel with pure salt which he may take after braking it. Unfortunately his life is not so easy. In mine there are some threats. First one is the Metaner - danger gas which may poison Samin. Second one is the Minosaur - monster which appear in places with high gas concentration. He can dig tunnels and may eat Samin. Samin is equipped with special gun which shoot may dilute gas and kill monsters. He also can drop barrels with salt on monsters. In each mine chamber Samin may find magic ring, which causes immortality for him. Then he may eat monsters. When Samin collects all salt in one mine chamber he travels to the next one. Sometimes he gets to special chamber without threats.

Game features

  • entertaining game rules, which gives player different game play strategies:
    • most fastly complete each level
    • get maximum number of points on each level
  • 250 game levels including 50 bonus levels
  • bonus mode on each level
  • infinite gameplay - after all levels are passed, levels are randomly chosen
  • game has 18 different sounds for various game events and 5 music for various gameplay parts
  • 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, crazy
  • save game at any time
  • in each difficulty level, after each 10 game levels, difficulty slightly increases
  • 6 languages support: English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • configurable steering keys
  • great music and sound with ability of setting volume level
  • user selectable game resolution independent on screen resolution
  • support for portrait and landscape orientation including switching during game play
  • lots of settings

Watch the gameplay

Other info

  • supported screen resolutions:
    176x208, 208x176, 208x208, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 416x352, 360x640
  • sound:
    128 kbps 16 kHz mono
  • one installation file for all phones, size:
    about 900 kB
  • Required free space on disk:
    about 1.5 MB