Eight is a custom launcher application created for Symbian phones which delivers Windows Phone 8 Mero UI experience to Symbian users. Application provides two screens: the first one with tiles which user can freely layout and resize and the second one with most of the system applications shortcuts. Applications from second screen may be pinned or unpinned to the first screen as a tile. Each tile has own options like colors, flipping and some tiles has custom options.

Właściwości aplikacji

• Add and remove tiles as you want
• Fluid UI animations by OpenVG
• Integration with phone's Menu key
• Hiding from task manager
• Autostart
• Contacts and gallery photos
• Selectable calendar with events
• Large clock with alarm indication
• Calendar with events
• SMS, Email and missed calls tile counters
• Free version available

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Pozostałe informacje

Eight is created using MBR Software's Simple Game Engine library called SGE in OpenVG technology for fluid UI with 60 fps (30 fps on Nokia 500). Fully custom UI has been developed including cinetic scrolling and layout algorithm.
Application supports showing of user photos from DCIM folder on any drive and contact photos. All built in photos were taken by Michał Strug.