Sonitus is a memory-like game in which player has to collect the sounds. Game objective is to eliminate fields that have the same sound on all of 53 variuos levels. Sonitus introduces music composed specially for it. Game interface is similar to other MBR Software game - Hermit. Game introduces four gameplay modes.

Właściwości gry

  • four gameplay types:
    • find two fields with the same sound
    • find three fields with the same sound
    • complete level before timeout
    • after some time fields are shuffled or empty fields are refilled
  • changing color skin
  • controlling volume level of sound and music
  • 80 various sounds
  • saving of best time and moves count of each level
  • draw game level by shaking the phone
  • use headphones to enhance game experience

Pozostałe informacje

Game levels are grouped by game mode type. Game screen is designed to be as simple as possible. It shows only game board and game modificators like timeout time and refill/randomize. Player at any time during game can check game status (playing time and moves counter) and open in-game menu by touching the screen outside the board. From in-game menu player can enter to the game settings, repeat game after fail, turn on/off music during game play or leave current game. In game settings player can change sound and music volume levels (this can be done also by hardware buttons), change background animated skin colors and reset stored game level results.
Sonitus is create using MBR Software Simple Game Engine - more details on technology page. Graphics is rendered using OpenGL ES 1.1.